This Is an Easy Way to Overcome Difficult Open Doors

Many people have problems in some parts of their homes. Some of these problems are usually associated with lost door locks or house doors that are difficult to close. If this happens to you, then you can use the services of the Locksmith Edinburgh. With professional services, the door you have at home can be closed tightly and even locked tightly.

Problems that occur at home must be handled properly. Because there are many dangers that will occur if the problem is not addressed. One problem that often occurs in parts of the house is the door of a house that is difficult to close or open. If this problem happens to you, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to.

1. Remove the door hinges
The trick, depending on the type of hinge on your door. There is enough with a crowbar, but there is a screw that must be opened with a screwdriver. It can be a door that is difficult to open or close because there is a problem with the door hinges. So, it’s a good idea to remove the door hinges so you can handle them easily.

2. Lift the door leaf
After the hinge is released, lift the door leaf. Lift it slowly. Then, place the door on the floor. This will help you find out what is happening at your door.

3. Remove the screw with a screwdriver
Remove the screw with a door screwdriver. This is done so that the door can stand upright when propped up. If it turns out that the door hinges are damaged or bent, replace it with a new one.

4. Mark with a pencil and ruler
Mark with a pencil and ruler, how big the part will be shaved. Make sure you do this on both sides.

5. Clean the sticking dust
Clean the sticking dust. Then, paint again the part of the door that is shaved. Choose the color that matches the color of the door. Then, let the paint dry.

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