These are the Two Myths of the Use of Air Conditioners That Are Still Trusted by Many People

The air conditioner has indeed become an important item that is always used by many people in their homes aircon servicing. The use of an air conditioner will also make the air in the house better and cooler. So, no wonder there are many people who use more than one air conditioner in their homes. The thing that must be considered from the use of the air conditioner is the cleanliness and installation of the device. Use services from aircon installation singapore so that the installation of the air conditioner can be optimal and perfect.

However, in the use of air conditioners, there are a number of myths that are still believed by some people. Some myths in the use of air conditioners and are still trusted by everyone are

1. Clean the air conditioner for just 6 months so the filter is not damaged
In fact, filters are components of the air conditioner that are routinely required to be cleaned. The reason is that the filter air conditioner is the main filter gate for air flow in the indoor unit. Moreover, the room where the air conditioner is placed is prone to dust or the entry of air from outside the room which can cause the filter to quickly get dirty or dusty.
Filters that are dirty or clogged with dust, can be a cause of noisy air conditioners or blowing air that is unhealthy. How to clean the air conditioner filter is very easy, and it can be done alone.

2. Always set the temperature below 20 degrees so that the air conditioner remains stable and saves electricity
In fact, when we always set temperatures below 20 ° C, the compressor on the air conditioner will always work optimally to reach the set temperature. When the room temperature changes because the door is opened and closed, the air conditioner compressor will turn off too often to adjust the temperature again according to what is set on the remote. The temperature of the air conditioner that is right for the climate of a tropical country is around 21 ° C -24 ° C.