Pay Attention to Guarantees and Stores When You Buy a CCTV Camera

See also the CCTV camera warranty, most of the CCTV vendors or CCTV distributors give their product warranty only 1 year to 2 years, if there are sellers who provide more than 2 years warranty, you need to question the quality, is it true that up to 5 years they will replace product if damaged, serviced or replaced. In the meantime, you can hire the trusted CCTV and Locksmith service near your area to ensure the security of your home locksmiths247.

on average all electronic products, guarantees are not given if struck by lightning or a surge in electricity, or the camera chipset is on fire.

Pay attention to the CCTV camera seller shop

Make sure also the place or location of the CCTV seller, make sure the CCTV shop provides an online demo or shows the quality of their CCTV products, the location or the seller’s place if you choose to buy at the online store, make sure the seller’s address or CCTV shop

“Every camera has its characteristics, TVL, Resolution, Brand, its advantages and disadvantages, please see the information given in each of the CCTV cameras.”

In addition, the bigger the TVL means the better and sharper the image produced from the camera. The quality and resolution of the image on the CCTV camera is far superior and good compared to the resolution on the recording device / DVR, and later the CCTV camera record results will follow the quality or resolution of the recording device or DVR, sometimes, some CCTV cameras do not even list the TVL on the manual, and only listed TVL Standard only.

The result of image resolution or video from CCTV camera 1/4 CMOS / CCD is lower than 1/3 CMOS / CCD, because 1/3 CMOS / CCD has a field larger than 1/4 CMOS / CCD, so produce better and sharper images, but of course the price of a 1/4 CMOS / CCD CCTV camera is more expensive, and this is one that makes it more important than just TVL, because if the CMOS / CCD camera chipset used is 1 / 3 CMOS / CCD, it can be ascertained that the camera has a higher TVL.

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