Overcoming No Rotating Washing Machines

Damage to the washing machine can be experienced by anyone. However, sometimes the damage is not too severe and can be overcome alone cheap handyman singapore. Here is the damage that often occurs in washing machines along with simple ways to overcome them. If you need help, you can visit handyman service in singapore.

The problem of a washing machine not rotating can be caused by a washing machine that cannot receive electrical power, the imbalance of the load or the driving clutch of the damaged washer motor. If the cause of the washing machine is not spinning is an unbalanced load, then you can reduce clothes that are washed in the washing machine. However, if the washing machine does not want to spin because it is unable to receive electricity, check the washing machine in the following ways:

Check the washing machine cable connected to electricity, unplug the cable first
If there are broken or frayed cables, replace the cable immediately
Also, check the socket. Use a device to determine the presence of electric power
If the washing machine is still not spinning, the damage might occur to the drive motor or engine button, immediately contact the service side to correct your washing machine.

Washing Machine Cannot Rinse Clean
After the mother rinses the clothes with the washing machine, the detergent residue is still attached to the clothes. This is because the engine is not able to rinse the clothes properly. This problem can occur because of the overload of clothing. However, this problem can also occur because the washing machine does not receive the water supply properly. Overcome this problem by treating the following washing machines:

Check the water supply valve that can be connected to the water filling hose
If the hose is bent, then straighten the hose until the water can flow smoothly
Make sure the drain hose is not clogged and is able to throw water away
Fill the engine with heavy water. If it is still clogged, try to replace the new hose or immediately contact the service provider to resolve this problem.

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