How To Make It Hard For Thieves To Steal Your Car

Alarms that are currently circulating, generally only function as a barrier or slow down the work of thieves, in the process of working they usually have to disable the system before taking the car away by cutting the siren alarm cable or disconnecting the cable around the battery head and generally the cheap alarms are very easy to beat by thieves, so we suggest buying alarms with various features so that thieves are not easy to cripple this system with various features that have many capabilities, such as GPS tracking to monitor the presence of cars, turn off the engine remotely (via internet), smartphones. etc.

but there are other ways such as hiding the location of sirens in a location that is difficult to reach hands and minimizing the cable through a path that is difficult to reach or not visible or can also by protecting the cable around the battery head with material that is not easily cut click here. Apart from that, don’t hesitate to hire the best Locksmith Near Me whenever your car lock has been tampered with by a random stranger.


Use a steer key that can protect the steering head (horn button) so that the steer cannot be freely rotated and the horn cover cannot be removed, look for a patent steer key with a lock clip system, do not use the pull steer key because it is less strong and less sturdy.


Things to consider when parking a vehicle:

Do not leave parking cards/tickets in the vehicle.
Get used to not leaving the vehicle registration in the car.
Parking in bright & crowded places or near security posts.
Avoid parallel parking because generally without handbrake so the car is easier to move.
Avoid parking under a tree or under an electric pole.
Avoid parking close.
Always check the window glass before leaving the car especially the rear and make sure the door is closed tightly.
Do not leave items/bags in an open place that can attract the attention of thieves to carry out their actions.

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