Get To Know The Difference Between Warehouse Management System (WMS) And Supply Chain Management

WMS applies to the removal and storage of material in the WMS is part of the Supply Chain Management that handles the receipt, delivery, and retrieval of materials. To efficiently control product flows, WMS uses technology tools before-mentioned as Bio-Metrics, barcode scanners and RFID. Warehouse management is not only limited to warehouses. Warehouse management becomes part of the SCM that efficiently provides many benefits for the business or company. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods and services including raw materials, inventories that are still being processed, and finished goods. SCM refers to all business processes and activities involved from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacture and dissemination of through commodities.

SCM, in short, is the art of providing products at the right time, in the right place, and at the right cost too. In conclusion, SCM is far broader in scope than WMS. However, WMS may be the last process in the SCM system and any obstacles that exist in the WMS system will also hamper SCM. The main purpose of supply chain management is to match supply with demand. For this to work, the supply chain must be free from problems such as inventory errors, difficulties in finding inventory, and others. Until now, there is still often confusion in understanding SCM and WMS, especially the two terms are frequently employed conversely. However, it is important to understand that WMS refers to the warehouse, storage, inventory, and goods movement logistics, while SCM has a much broader focus involving suppliers, producers, and retailers.

The company gets a competitive advantage by providing customer operations centers in warehousing. SCM helps manage inventory effectively and keeps it at optimal levels. The efficiency of SCM depends on the efficiency of the WMS. The main concern of SCM is to find out the best storage level that will be handled by WMS.

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