Eating These Foods Can Make Your Heart Healthier

Have you ever heard amazon? Why is nitric oxide so needed by the body? The question may be in your head when you hear the substance should be maintained so that the body is not short of The substance turns out to have enormous benefits for the health of your body. This substance is produced in blood vessels and has a function to maintain the widening of the veins and arteries so that blood circulation continues to run well. Good blood circulation means having a healthy heart. Everyone understands that a healthy heart can provide many benefits, such as being able to do many activities.

Did you know that you can improve this molecule naturally? The fact is that many daily foods contain nitric oxide to improve heart health. These foods are easily available, even you may have taken them regularly. The four foods are:

– Arugula
Arugula is known as the highest source of nitrate. Green vegetables are more suitable for salads or sauteed with other vegetables. Usually the arugula is also mixed with grilled onions and is used as a burger filling made from ingredients specifically for vegetarians.

– Spinach
This vegetable is certainly very familiar with everyday life. Who doesn’t know vegetables that Popeye really likes? It turns out spinach also contains nitrates that can improve heart health. Spinach can be processed into a variety of foods, such as added to salads, soups, stir-fry, or eaten directly after leaving the garden. Before being eaten directly, of course, it will be washed first.

– Walnuts
Usually, walnuts are better known to contain vitamin E which is useful for heart health. Walnuts contain an amount of L-arginine which keeps blood vessels running smoothly. The majority of beans are indeed a good source of arginine. Before processing walnuts, it’s better to soak them for six hours.

– Watermelon
Watermelon contains amino acids, L-citrulline which will then be converted into L-arginine and finally nitric oxide. Many people take supplements containing L-arginine but their bodies cannot absorb properly.

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