Easy Tips For Learning English On Your Own

Before you start applying English language habits, it’s good to first learn simple words in English, which are often used in everyday conversation. Like my foreword, you, him, and other words that are commonly used in everyday conversation. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to take the a2 english test if you wish to live with your partner in the UK.

Often listen to English songs then write the lyrics

In this age of technology, it is certainly easy for you to download songs in English. If you are a music lover, certainly learning while listening to music is very pleasant for you. In this stage, you don’t just listen to the song. But listen carefully to the lyrics and record them in your notebook or gadget. After you finish writing the song lyrics, check the lyrics on the internet.

This will increase the sensitivity of your ears to listening.

Frequently watching English films without other language subtitles

Another fun thing that you can use as a means of learning English is to watch English-language films. Of course to make you smarter, start by watching movies without any other language subtitles. If you are still in trouble, use another language subtitles but not too often. If you find a difficult word, write down and look for the meaning to add to your English word dictionary.

Frequently read English literature

Well, read. Reading is indeed not the habit of most people. Of course, even if you don’t like it, you still have to start to learn to read any English-language literature. This will improve the ability to read (reading)

Tekuni read English dictionary

Not only entertainment literature such as articles, novels, or news in English. You also need to read an English dictionary. A quick way to learn self-taught English to add to your vocabulary.

Learn the meaning of English words that you don’t understand and then memorize

If during listening to music, watching movies, and reading in English and you find foreign words that you don’t understand. Don’t just skip it. Record and memorize. This is an easy way to learn English.

Try writing something in English

Next when you have a lot of English vocabulary. Start writing something using English so that your writing skills improve.

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