Do You Need To Consider These Following Things?

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. How not, in one day we use the bathroom several times for cleanliness and health. Because it is often used, it is reasonable that the quality of the bathroom is reduced from year to year and needs renovation. However, before making a renovation, consider a number of things below no matter how many different bathroom renovation choices that you are considering.

1. Ceramic Wall

There are advantages and disadvantages that are obtained when you choose to install tiles on your bathroom wall. The advantage is that you can clean the wall easier. Also, ceramic walls can produce a luxurious design. If at any time you are bored with the color, ceramic walls cannot be painted, so you have to replace the ceramic as a whole. For the solution, you can choose to install ceramics on one part of the wall and some do not need to be coat it with ceramic.

2. Ceramic Floor

The mistakes that you do when choosing ceramics for bathrooms often make the bathroom slippery and dangerous for small children and elderly people who are elderly. Therefore, the type of bathroom ceramic material should be a major concern when going to renovate a bathroom.

3. Sink

Various activities such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, or just washing your hands will be easier with the presence of a sink in your bathroom. Adding a mirror in front of the sink will also help you when cleaning your body.

4. Toilet choice

For the toilet, you can choose between a toilet, depending on your comfort when using it. But for a more elegant and charming design, you should choose a toilet seat for your bathroom.

5. Shower and glass partition

So that you can wash your body more cleanly and the water you use is more efficient, you can make the shower the most appropriate choice. In addition, so that the splash of water does not wet the entire floor, you should install a glass screen around the shower.

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