Blood-Related Diseases Caused By Alcohol

It is not difficult to get help from an alcohol addiction treatment center to help us cure our alcoholism. The hard part of it is realizing that our drinking habit is already out of line and could be dangerous to our body. Alcoholism is one of the long term consequences from our drinking habit, but alcohol could cause many health problems that could harm us in a short amount of time. A high amount of alcohol you consume could cause anemia because the red blood cells carrying oxygen is lower. The symptoms are lightheadedness, shortness of breath and fatigue. Not only cutting the oxygen level in the blood, but alcohol could also make them clot that could lead to stroke or heart attack. Another cardiovascular disease that alcohol could cause is cardiomyopathy. This is a condition where the muscles of your heart weaken and then fail. High blood pressure could also be caused by alcohol because alcohol caused a disruption to the sympathetic nervous system that controls all the dilation and constriction of the blood vessel. Without proper treatment, high blood pressure will lead to other serious health problem.

The toxic in alcohol will likely be absorbed by the liver and that is why many heavy drinkers develop cirrhosis. The liver that heavily scarred by the alcohol won’t be able to function properly that could lead to death. However, this disease is a little hard to determine because there are cases where a heavy drinker did not get cirrhosis yet the light drinker get it. However, it is true that alcohol could be bad for your liver since the organ function to filter any toxic that get inside the body and alcohol is not helping it to function better. That is why it is better to limit the alcohol you drink before all that health problems develop and the addiction is getting worse.

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